Gamecock Collectibles

South Carolina Gamecocks Vertical Wool Heritage Banner – Garnet/Black

Pay tribute to the history of your Gamecocks by hanging this vertical wool Heritage banner in your home. This classic banner features the progression of South Carolina?€™s logos throughout the years in finely embroidered detail with felt accents. It also displays an embroidered team name and establishment year at the top and ?€œGo Gamecocks!?€ lettering on the bottom. Past and present generations of Gamecocks fans agree this is the ultimate fan cave accessory! 




$ 29.95

South Carolina Gamecocks 12” x 9.5” Wooden Welcome Sign

Whether you need a finishing touch in your entryway or a homey addition to your fan cave this durable handmade sign will add just the right amount of winning Gamecocks style! It comes with a sturdy decorative metal hanger and features a wooden applique team logo plate and painted team-colored lettering across its three tiers. At approximately 12″ x 9.5″ this wooden sign bursts with enough inviting team spirit to greet your game day compatriots but its delightful charm will make it so even rival sports fans will feel the warm embrace of competitive spirit at your game day parties! 




$ 12.95

South Carolina Gamecocks Lucky Pocket Coin

When it comes to helping the Gamecocks win there?€™s no such thing as ?€œtoo much luck.?€ In fact you?€™d go through any number of complicated pre-game rituals in order to secure Lady Luck?€™s favor. Here?€™s one that?€™s not so complicated ?€” carrying this lucky pocket coin with you during any Gamecocks game! This handsome antiqued coin displays a beautifully rendered USC logo surrounded by the team name on the obverse and a four-leaf clover on the reverse. Both sides are detailed with vibrantly colored enamel. Whether this coin becomes the new addition to your home collection or you decide to carry it with you at all times it might just be the edge you need to help your Gamecocks to victory! 




$ 6.95

South Carolina Gamecocks Deluxe Lanyard Gift Set

Whether you?€™re a highly dedicated USC buff or you know someone who?€™s wild about the school this Deluxe Lanyard gift set is perfect for any Gamecocks die-hard! This package includes a woven lanyard a keychain with an embroidered patch and a gold-tone enamel pin. Each item also features vibrant South Carolina Gamecocks graphics which will definitely bring a smile to any fan?€™s face. You ?€” or your fellow fanatic ?€” will be decked out for the next Gamecocks event! 




$ 16.95

South Carolina Gamecocks 12?€ x 18?€ Reserved Parking Sign – Garnet

You?€™re a South Carolina faithful who decks out your belongings in Gamecocks apparel. Nothing that you own goes untouched – even your car dons South Carolina flags and banners. Make sure your fan mobile has its own team-spirited parking space with this Reserved Parking sign. It measures 12?€ x 18?€ and features a large team logo with ?€œGamecocks Fans Only?€ lettering underneath. Anyone would agree that someone who shows off that much South Carolina spirit deserves their very own team-inspired parking space. 




$ 9.95

South Carolina Gamecocks Collectible Mini Helmet Figurine

Display your South Carolina pride with this team helmet polyresin piece! Makes a great addition to any home dorm or office. 




$ 24.99

South Carolina Gamecocks 8.5” x 11” Metal Reserved Parking Sign

It doesn?€™t matter if the person is a celebrity a super wealthy CEO or even the president of a nation?€”if they?€™re not a Gamecocks fan then they can?€™t park in your spot. To be a USC fan one has to earn his or her stripes. No amount of money can buy that privilege. It can only be earned through die-hard fanaticism. Let everyone know that your parking area is limited only to Gamecocks fans with this 8.5?€ x 11?€ metal sign. Featuring team graphics a team logo and raised ?€œReserved Parking?€ lettering this sign will easily get your message across to anyone that decides to leave their vehicle on your premises. 




$ 9.95

South Carolina Gamecocks 2-Tier Lapel Pin

All the years of hard work in school paid off ?€“ you?€™re living the life you always dreamed of while attending South Carolina. Being proud of your alma mater is very easy; you just wish you had more opportunities to show it. Get dressed for a fancy reception and display your Gamecocks spirit with this two tier lapel pin! The pin displays the school wordmark and logo proudly. With the pin?€™s vibrant graphics and team colors on your lapel everybody will know how happy you are to be a South Carolina grad! 




$ 5.95

South Carolina Gamecocks 101 My First Board Book

It’s never too early to become a fanatic so get your little fan started off on the right path with this 101 book which will teach them all about the classroom their new favorite college team and the rich university traditions. More suitable for the younger children this book is still perfect for any ages up until you become a college freshman. It’s the ideal way to share the spirit of South Carolina while creating an entire new generation of fans. 




$ 10.95

South Carolina Gamecocks Kate McRostie 12?€ x 30?€ Premium Pennant

You love to show off your South Carolina pride but you?€™re tired of only choosing between the school colors to show off your team spirit. Now you can give a little feminine touch to your Gamecocks home decor with this 12?€ x 30?€ Premium pennant. Designed by renowned artist Kate McRostie this felt pennant features a flower design with the South Carolina logo in the middle. Finding and displaying team accessories that fit your personal style can be hard ?€“ but now that you’ve found this stylish pennant you can display it proudly knowing that your personal flair is seen as well. 




$ 10.95

South Carolina Gamecocks 3D Bookmark

Whether you’re a book nerd a student slogging through thousand-page text books or a diehard fan that has to own anything that salutes your South Carolina mark your spot before you head out to the big game with this 3D bookmark! It features a colorful 3D image of your favorite team’s mascot name and logo that shifts with every movement for a cool effect that will get you pumped up for your next South Carolina adventure. 




$ 5.95

South Carolina Gamecocks Campus Word Cloud 13” x 16” Framed Art Print

Add some eye-catching art to your dorm or office wall with this South Carolina Campus Word Cloud art print! This 13″ x 16″ team-color framed print is a loosely interpreted campus map comprised of words relevant to your favorite school ?€” you’ll love to reminisce with this modern masterpiece! 




$ 42.95

South Carolina Gamecocks Cocky’s Journey Through The Palmetto State Children’s Hardcover Book

Join the University of South Carolina’s mascot Cocky as he takes a tour of The Palmetto State. Read along as Cocky travels throughout South Carolina and makes many new friends along the way. This book is the ultimate South Carolina travel guide for Gamecock fans! 




$ 14.95